With the Seabob, be like a fish in the water!

Whether you dream of slicing through the waves like a dolphin or moving with ease and agility in the water, like a fish, the seabob will meet your expectations!

The seabob offers infinite driving pleasure

Relaxed or intense driving

The seabob perfectly combines a serene glide, sporty driving in the water and diving safely. For the first time, the man can move in the water with the agility of a dolphin, freely, in depth as on the surface. Thanks to the seabob, one of your dreams becomes reality.

The seabob is also perfectly respectful of its environment. At the same time powerful and silent, it sails the waves: the man and the machine become one.

Seabob: emission-free propulsion technology

Discover the E-Jet Power System

The Seabob is based on state-of-the-art technology. Carefully handcrafted, this water sports vehicle is made with premium materials. The drive unit is manufactured using high quality carbon elements, established ceramic coatings and salt water resistant metals. The uncompromising quality standard is reflected in every detail.

The E-Jet Power System is patented worldwide. It operates according to the principle of water discharge: turning, the powerful rotor sucks the water and pushes it under high pressure into the jet channel and outwards. This produces a propulsive force that gives SEABOB superior traction.

The E-Jet Power System is a unique propulsion system for powerful nautical vehicles thanks to its very high thrust and low energy consumption. Moreover, the electric technology makes it very respectful of the environment.

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